About Waffle Garden

We all in Waffle Garden are very passionate about authentic Belgian
waffles - the delicacy that is very popular all over the world.

We believe that not only the pleasure of eating amazingly crispy waffle is what makes
our customers happy. It is also enjoyable time shared with friends and family or perhaps
pleasant lunch break spent in the relaxing environment that makes this experience unique.

And this is exactly what you can expect from Waffle Garden - fresh waffles
prepared from Belgian ingredients and baked in our shop just before serving
as well as friendly personnel and cheerful, relaxed atmosphere.

Why are our waffles unique?

They are always fresh

All products are prepared in the store immediately before serving, and therefore they are always fresh. 

They are original

We bake all waffles according to original recipes and use only Belgian ingredients and technology to bake your waffle.

Waffle Garden product range is on the Czech market unique.

You will enjoy them in a pleasant atmosphere

The Waffle Garden atmosphere is cheerful, pleasant and you will be served with a smile. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in our place and we will be happy if your stay in Waffle Garden brings you pleasure and a relaxing break from a busy day.

Come to taste our products

Liege waffles

Brussels waffles

Lolly waffles

Savory waffles

Frozen yogurt and smoothies